About me

Hey, I'm Trevan (pronounced as if the A were an I). Professionally, I design and build websites and apps. I love to work with scrappy teams and businesses to build out ideas from the ground up and have a penchant for making sure they look and feel really good. I'm always learning new tech, but I have the most fun with JavaScript, React, Vue, CSS, Ruby (especially on Rails), PHP, and WordPress, depending on the occasion.

After starting my career helping small businesses get online and then being involved in fast growing startups, I've found a home working with free speech freedom loving small companies. In 2021, I played a key role in rebuilding Parler after it was deplatformed. I now work on Truth Social, where we build great software to promote open and free global conversation.


Since 2008, I've operated a small consulting business where I build and maintain websites for businesses and organizations called Hetzel Creative. I've gotten to build some pretty cool projects over the years, like Rent Like A Champion where I got to be featured on Shark Tank after their investment from Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca! Bloomberg, Zumba, Celebrity Cruises and several other large brands had a lot of their website's code written by me too.

I'm always open to discussing how I can help others have a solid web presence. Contact me if you need a website or app built, modified, or kept updated and I'll see what I can do!

Family and fun

While code is fun, it doesn't compare to my love for life, family, and hobbies! I have the coolest wife and two boys and we do a lot of fun things together. We recently acquired the land and home that I grew up in as a child and are working hard to build our own little homestead. I love building things both on the computer and in real life, and recently completed a full barn build on our property.

When I'm not building something or doing chores for our barnyard animals and garden, I enjoy riding dirt bikes with my family, camping, lifting weights, reading, selling dirt bike parts on the internet, promoting races, and hanging around with my wife and boys 😅.