Quit getting punched in the face

minute read. Posted on May 23, 2012 in Business & Tech

Ever feel like you’re being abused by your clients? Like they don’t value your time for what it’s worth? Like you spend countless hours fixing their problems or giving them advice without charging them? If you have, then it’s time to quit. That is, if you plan on making any money.

You know you’re good at what you do. You know in your mind that you’re time is valuable. You have good advice to offer and people should respect that. Instead, and I’ve seen this countless times in my own business and others, you give in to clients because you don’t want to make them mad or lose their business. You tend to their every need in order to maintain your relationship and make yourself feel like the expert. Here’s the deal though: you ARE the expert. You have the knowledge that they don’t. So you have the upper hand! Don’t let your clients bully you around because they have what could potentially be your money in their hands.

A little lesson I’ve learned is that clients who aren’t willing to pay you for your time aren’t worth your time. If you’re in the client services business like me, then a perfect world for you would be getting paid your hourly rate every single hour of the day. Every time you read an email, you should be getting paid. Every time you consult with a client, you should be getting paid. If you’re spending time with a client that isn’t willing to pay for your expertise you’re losing money, because you could instead be spending your valuable time with a client who knows the true value in what you do and is willing to reimburse you for it.

So quit getting punched in the face and start fresh if you have to. Update your contracts with existing clients to reflect your new billing policies. Don’t sign on new contracts unless you’re getting paid for what you’re worth, whatever that may be. Good luck and don’t forget: your time is your most valuable resource, so don’t throw it away!