So I read 52 books this year…

minute read. Posted on December 31, 2013 in The Big Picture

I did it. A book a week in 2013. Well, sort of. I read 52 books since January 1, 2013. I got off track around June and started skipping a week here and there to the point where I got about 8 weeks behind, but finally caught back up in December. Here’s my consensus: I’m doing it again in 2014. From world religions to business to why drug dealers still live with their moms, I absorbed a lot of information. I’d be lying if I said I retained all of it, but nonetheless it became a daily activity that I enjoy and look forward to.

##Do it!

I would definitely recommened giving the whole a book a week thing a try at least once. If you’re afraid of getting bored or tired with it, just make sure you pick topics that someone you know has a lot of knowledge about so you can discuss with them. I learned the most this year not from the books themselves, but from reading something that stood out as interesting and inquired more about it with the “experts” on the topic. Whether they’re on Twitter, family members, pastors or coworkers, almost everyone is willing to discuss something they’re passionate about with inquiring minds! The variety of subject matter I read this year served more as seeds that never would have been planted had I not picked up the book and decided to further pursue the topic.