Write to learn

minute read. Posted on July 26, 2012 in Business & Tech

I read all the time how important people say it is to blog. If you’re in the web industry you just gotta do it, they say. But even though I’ve read the different reasons why you should blog, I never really understood why until recently. I haven’t blogged a ton in my life, considering I just launched my personal blog a couple months ago, but since then whenever something of interest to me or something I’m passionate about shines its light in my life, I always think “I gotta blog about this”. And the sole reason, I’ve come to discover, that I “gotta blog about it” is because writing forces me to deeply think about the subject matter. In my opinion there’s no better way to learn than to write. If I’m enthralled in a certain subject, I’ll write down my thoughts so they’re not forgotten and so I can analyze and organize them.

Writing helps me grow in all aspects, including my business, personal and religious views on life. I’ve learned many lessons on my own with the aid of writing. It’s an astonishing tool that I never imagined could amount to as much as it has for me. To read is one thing. You’re absorbing the views of another person. But to write is another, so much better thing! You’re the author. It’s your story and you have to know it a heck of a lot better than your readers.

So write. You’ll learn.